About VibraGenix

VibraGenix was founded on the leading edge of sound frequency research and technology to bring forth effective health and wellness tools that redefine solutions to everyday problems. We believe that sound frequency medicine is the most promising area of research to provide a massive paradigm shift in symptom management protocols that are completely safe, effortless, affordable and free from all negative side effects. Vibragenix is dedicated to bringing you cutting edge sound frequency apps, software and other sound frequency tools that can change your life forever by promoting resilience and wellness.

In all of the healing arts, it is widely accepted that whatever a practitioner recommends will “Do No Harm”, yet common solutions for most human conditions have numerous negative side effects. Do you ever really listen to commercials for pharmaceutical drugs? For the one symptom they may help relieve, there are ten, twenty or even more side effects that you may face that are potentially much worse, and in some cases fatal. Yet this is the accepted protocol in virtually every circumstance. It is most certainly time to wake up and look in a new direction for solutions that are effective, affordable, and free of negative side effects. Bringing these cutting edge options to you is our mission at VibraGenix.

For decades the vast majority have utilized a broad array of over the counter and prescription drugs, as well as alcohol and nicotine for symptom management, which seems to be the name of the game as we make our way through the days and nights of our lives. We do the best we can with the options we have, and accept that ingestion of multiple chemicals daily are just a part of dealing with the aches, pains and challenges of life. Did you know that Antidepressants and pain killers are the number one and two prescriptions in the US? It’s true, so we should take heart in knowing that we are not alone in the struggle or common solutions to life’s challenges – we are in this together.

Our search of finding a better way to help relieve a multitude of bothersome symptoms like aches pains and the blues, led us to a huge bank of research and development in the area for sound frequency technology. What we have found is that specific sound frequencies which are literally Music for your Cells, are amazingly effective for relieving a vast variety of symptoms that are associated with various conditions. Yes finally, an effective chemical free paradigm shift in symptom and life management is available to you!

For more than 80 years sound frequency research has been underway. In some familiar arenas sound or sonic frequencies have emerged with great success, such as ultrasound for both imaging and cleaning, sonic tooth brushes and facial cleansing devices. But this is just the beginning of the powerful effects and widespread uses of sound frequency technology.

If you could relieve your stress, anxiety, pain and chase away the blues simply by listening to sound frequency tones, either with or without your favorite music, would you? This is the safest and most simple way to address numerous issues, and it’s chemical free! Good for your Cells, your Spirit, and your pocket book! You buy it once, and use it forever.

This is simply Music for your Cells, and It Works!