harmonics_0If there is one Art that has been lost through time, it is the Art of Harmonic Resonance. Tone healing has been around for centuries, it even pre-dates Egypt. At the most quintessential level, Mothers use resonant harmonic tones by singing lullaby’s to calm the nervous systems of their children and put them to sleep. Even the tones in the word “Ow” spoken when one gets hurt has been shown to decrease pain. In ancient Egypt, it is said that the precise use of toning was used to break the gravitational fields and assist with the placement of huge blocks on various levels of the pyramids. Dissonant tones were used to crumble the walls of Jericho. Great composers like Bach, Beethoven and Schumann created harmonic tones to lift the human spirit and bring us out of the dark ages. Tones have been used through the ages to clear and balance Chakras and align the energy of the body. This is an art that needs to regain its rightful place among healing modalities. Now there is evidence that modern medicine is beginning to embrace this ancient art by integrating sound frequencies into several fields of medicine, especially in the areas of Imaging, Cosmetic and Dermatology procedures like non-invasive Liposuction and Skin Tightening for anti-aging.