Physics and Sonic Whole Body Vibration

According to one of the worlds leading Physicist, Nassim Haramein, our atomic struc-ture is not only mostly space, but it also provides us with an elaborate communication network. When an advanced Physicist looks at the human body, they not only see the amazing Mechanics of Anatomy and Physiology, the also see both the Taurus of Energy flowing through and around the body – and the atomic structure. If there is a malfunc-tion of the mechanics, there will be a distortion of the Tauroidal energy field, leading to further imbalance throughout the system.

Physicists, like Nassim, also see the human body as a massive collection of its most basic building block – the Atom, in a structured form. The Atom is an extraordinary building block. Atoms have a nucleus composed of Protons and Neutrons, with Electrons in a constant motion around them. Four profound facts of this miraculous, tiny particle are that:

  1. Electrons spin at nearly the speed of light, even when a cell is at rest!
  2. Our atoms are 99.99999% space.
  3. Scientific Conclusion – we are 99.99999% space, with electrons in every atom spinning at the speed of light! /
  4. Nothing moves better than sound waves through our human space.

Our bodies are space and energy moving at the speed of light!


Another Physics fact put forth by Nassim, is that the protons at the center of each atom are inter-connected via black holes/worm holes with the protons of all neighboring at-oms in an elaborate, massive communication network. This is Why Everything effects Everything Else. Disorder, imbalance, thoughts, emotions, movement – you name it, all will have an effect of the whole.


The electromagnetic energy flow of the Taurus is enhanced by the electromagnetic and sonic technology of the Sonix System. Through time, it helps the energy system re-balance.

In addition, there is the Healing Power of Sound that none can deny. Dr. Travis refers to the Healing power of Music, and Dr. Oz said that Energy Medicine is the future of Medicine. Lets take a closer look at Sonic/Sound and Harmonic Resonance – and how that affects the Taurus of light speed energy in our human system, and the vast space with-in us.